Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010



When the sun was stabbed by the blades of the grass,
I became a twig; a fragile twig.
A weary night bird leaned its fatigue on it,
The bird flapped
The twig cracked
The twig blamed the night

When the sun was distant from the touch of the horizon,
I became a flower; a wind flower
A hungry bee came to it
Bee perched,
Flower fell
The flower blamed the wind

Lust, love and us

Lust burns our soul
Love is more than just a word
We forget who we are
Why are we?

Lust is out
Love becomes a word
We remember who we are
What are we?

By; Willpower

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  1. teman jangan lupa yah masukin link gunadarma. Sekarang kan sudah mulai softskill ni, sebagai salah satu mahasiswa gunadarma ayo donk masukin link gunadarmanya.

    di cek ya studentsitenya ada pengumumannya lho... :)